What is the Merge World?

The Merge World game is a project from the Posers team that is closely linked to the Posers NFT and will be part of the overall Posers ecosystem.

The Merge World - an MMO economic strategy game built on the L2 blockchain!

In The Merge World, you'll have the opportunity to mine, produce, trade, negotiate with other players, and build your very own empire. You'll have complete control over the growth of your empire, and it's up to you to make the right decisions to succeed!

This world is all about resources and power, so be prepared to explore endlessly to find rare resources in distant biomes, build colonies, and establish trade routes with other players. Negotiate treaties or engage in wars to gain an advantage over your opponents.

The Merge World gives you the freedom to build the largest trade hub in the world, take high tolls for passage across your comfortable plains, and much more. The world is yours to control, so dive in and start building your empire today!

The Merge World game is in an active development stage.

The latest information on the game and its features can be found in the TMW whitepaper.

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