1 - My account

Once you connect your wallet to the site, in the My account section you can see all your Posers, as well as their count. Your Posers are split into two sections - original and custom ones:

To start customizing, select one of your original Posers and click the Transform button on the right.

For those who use the PCT for the first time, a notice will be displayed with the basic guidelines, further the notice will not be shown.

  • You can design your own Poser, choosing from the traits included in the main collection + some new traits created exclusively for this tool! Such traits are marked with a special icon.

  • In the final setup phase, you must give approval for the new contract to interact with your original Posers.

  • Your original Poser will go to our contract and you will get a new custom one. You can remove the customization and return the original poser at any time.

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