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Key Features, limitations and requirements

Welcome to the Poser Customizing Tool help page! In this section we explain interface features and capabilities of our tool.

Main Features:

  • The custom Poser has a PNG format and can be set as an NFT avatar on Twitter or another platform that supports it.
  • PCT allows you to customize Poser to your own style, using a new set of traits created exclusively for this tool.
  • Some traits from the original collection are also available, which allows you to build your original Poser.
  • PCT can be used as a wrapper for the original contract - to create a PNG version of OG Poser to set as an NFT avatar.
  • You can remove the customization from Poser and return his original look.
  • Custom Poser can be saved as a PNG image without a mint.


  • You cannot build someone else's OG Poser.
  • Not all traits are available for customization: background, race, and gender always remain original.
  • Some trait combinations are incompatible with each other and may not be available at certain stages of the customization.


  • To work with the customizing tool, you must connect your wallet to the site.
  • To mint a Customized Poser, you must provide a contract permission to interact with your original Posers.
  • Minting a Customized Poser requires a gas fee.
  • Removing the customization and returning the OG Poser requires a gas fee.

Basic usage steps:

  • Connect to the site and go to My Account.
  • Select the Poser you want to customize and click Transform.
  • Choose new traits for your poser in stages: eyes, hair, hat, clothing, and accessory.
  • Confirm the customization.

What else you need to know about customization:

If you sell, you lose both versions of the Poser.
Original and customized Poser have the same ID.