Our vision of the project:

1. We will not have any roadmaps. Roadmaps are a thing of the past on PoW!

This does not mean at all that our project has no utility or development. We have a plan and we are following it!

2. We don't care about floor issues and you don't care about them either.

First and foremost you're here for the history and the damn awesome PFP! We are the first minted onchain PFP on the PoS and we can be proud of it!

3. The organic growth of our community is the best thing a project can have!

No rush. We are growing steadily and only upwards!

Our strength is community. We will listen to your feedback, while having our own vision and a strict clear plan for further actions.

4. We have a special way of looking at collabs!

We don't need collabs with tons of useless NFT projects, don't offer them to us! Collaborations will be only with projects we have chosen ourselves, and only when we have decided it ourselves.

5. Both the founders and developers are always chatting and communicating with the audience, all messages something along the lines "devs do something" are not appreciated.

The whole team works from morning till night to develop the project. If you do not see activity from the team, it does not mean there is none. You can't even imagine how much activity there is behind the scenes.

6. We keep to the plan - promise less and do more.

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