3 - Transforming

When you click Transform, it triggers the process of minting a customized Poser, which consists of the following steps:

  • Approve the collection

  • Transform Poser

You must give approval for the new contract (PCT contract) to interact with your original Posers. This will require some gas (1 time per collection).

It is not possible to mint a custom Poser without approve.

What is it for?

  • You can own either a customized or original version of the Poser at the same time, the second version is kept on our contract

  • If you didn't customize - you have the original

  • If you customize - you only have a custom one

  • If you removed the customization - you have the original again


When you click Transform, you will have two transactions in your Metamask:

  • Signature request - confirmation that it is the wallet owner who makes the customization of the selected Poser. This transaction will not require you to spend gas or provide any permissions to us.

  • Confirmation of mint customized Poser. Requires a gas fee, 1 time for each customization.

This transaction transfers your original Poser to our contract, and the custom version is minted in return.

You can see your custom Posers under My account - Custom. Original and customized Poser have the same ID.

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