2 - Poser customization

To customize Poser you need to one by one make a selection of available traits in each of the sections:

  • eyes

  • hairstyles

  • hats

  • clothes

  • accessory

The active section is highlighted in pink.

The Reset button discards any changes you have made.

Event-themed traits released for any event are marked with a special icon.

Traits without an icon are presented in the original collection.

Some traits are incompatible with each other. Such traits are marked in red. If you put your cursor over it you can see why it cannot be used on your Poser.

You may not use any trait by selecting the icon labeled None. For example, if you don't want to add a hat to your Poser.

After selecting a trait, click Next to move to the next trait type. At the last step you will have two options: Save and Transform.

Save - saves the customized Poser to a PNG file.

Saving is available only after you select all traits. You can go back to the previous steps, reset the customization completely with the Reset button, and save the PNG to your device as many times as you want without restrictions. No special permissions or transactions are required.

Transform - Starts the minting of a customized Poser.

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