Public Swap Pool

It always stores a number of tokens added by the team - users will always have a choice to swap.

How it works:

  • To pick up a Poser from the pool - you need to add your Poser to the pool

  • You can add more than one Poser at a time. When adding a Poser you will get a counter of your tokens in the pool

  • You can always take a Poser back if someone didn't take one before you, or you can take any other Poser.

Inside the pool, all Posers are equal, but we will still display rarities there.

Interface overview

  1. Public Pool section with all available tokens for swap

  2. Private Pool section

  3. Number of available tokens in the Public Pool

  4. The number of tokens you put in the pool and can take back

  5. A notification bell for incoming and outgoing swaps

Put Posers to the Public Pool

  • Switch to the Put in the pool tab and select tokens you want to put in the public pool

  • Click Proceed to start the process

Two transactions will appear in your wallet in a sequence:

  • The first to allow the contract to interact with your Posers.

  • The second is to move the token to the Public Pool.

Both transactions require a gas fee.

If you are using the Public Pool for the first time, you must first give permission to interact with your tokens. Gas fees are required once per collection.

Next transaction sends the selected tokens to the Public Pool.

Requires a gas fee each time a token is sent to the pool.

After confirming the transaction, you can see the total number of tokens you sent to the pool. The same number of tokens you can take from the Public Pool to yourself.

Get Posers from the Public Pool

To get Posers from the Public Pool, select tokens from the list. Use the filters on the left to display tokens with specific traits. You can take from the pool only the number of tokens that you previously put into the pool.

After selecting, confirm your choice with the purple Proceed button, and then confirm the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, the selected Posers will be in your wallet!

To be extra secure, review the information in this section.

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