Main features

Welcome to the Poser Swap Tool help page. In this section we explain interface features and capabilities of our tool.

Swap tool is in an active stage of development and in the process some features may be added, changed or removed.

  • On-chain contract for swaps in public pool, secure and transparent

  • Two modes - public and private

  • Privately you can swap several NFTs for one and reverse - one for several

  • There will be a choice of NFTs in the public pool for Poser Collection

  • To swap other collections, you need a Poser on your wallet (not now)

  • Hand-picked collections are added to the Private Swap


  • To work with the Posers Swap Tool, you must connect your wallet to the site.

  • To use the Posers Swap Tool, you must provide a contract permission to interact with your Posers.

  • Swap requires a gas fee.

Private and Public tools are 2 different contracts and to use both tools you need to give each permission to interact with your Posers. Permission is requested only at the moment of the first interaction with the tool.

Quick overview

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